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Formation of Transcend Computing


I’m excited to announce that today, April 4th, our new company Transcend Computing will be emerging from stealth mode. In short, we are launching:
StackStudio is a visual, drag-and-drop online development environment for assembling multi-tier application topologies using the Amazon CloudFormation format. Application stacks assembled with StackStudio are ready to run on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and on other public and private ACE platforms.

Will Amazon Support Linux Containers?


Early on, Amazon EC2 was recognized as the leading IaaS provider because of their ability to easily provision new virtual machines with a variety of configurations (size, speed, attachments, etc.) Virtual machines are a powerful, yet simple tool for engineers to use but they come at a price (a performance hit). At MomentumSI, we've been pondering if Amazon would ever support Linux Containers in their cloud.

Is Cloud Foundry a PaaS?

What is Cloud Foundry?

I've been asking some people in the industry a real simple question, "Is Cloud Foundry a Platform as a Service"?

The obvious answer would seem to be "yes" - after all, VMware told us it's a PaaS:

That should be the end of it, right? For some reason, when I hear "as-a-Service", I expect a "service" - as in Service Oriented. I don't think that's too much to ask. For example, when Amazon released their relational data service, they offered me a published service interface:

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